Birth of an idea

It all stared about ten years ago when my wife and I found ourselves in Key West, we fell in love with the Florida Keys and especially liked the salt scrubs that most of the shops were selling. 

On our way home, we talked and decided that we should try our hand at making salt scrubs and body butters etc. but what to call the business venture? As we drove on through the night a story kind of took shape in my mind. I could see it... Here is what I can recall from it... There is a road that is less traveled, if you follow it to the end you will find a place where the road ends and the sunsets begin. A place where minstrels sing and poets abound. This is Essence of the Keys.

So that was how it all began, we made salt scrubs, and body butter and those may make a return to the store at some point. Let us know if you would like to see them for sale.

Fast forward to 2021 we had just returned to our home on Treasure Island, Florida from our Ireland vacation (We had moved to TI Florida in 2015). We decided that we were going to start a YouTube channel about our travels and our lives, but what to call it. We thought and decided that Essence of the Keys would make a really good name so it was born as a YouTube channel about travel.

Now our channel is more than travel, its travel, making (wood working, upholstery, leather working, sublimation and laser engraving) as well as cooking along with just goofy stuff.


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